I designed and animated 2D and 3D for a series of attract loops and animated signage for Apple's retail stores.  
My first freelance project with the San Francisco production company Bonfire Labs was for the biggest company in the world: Apple Computer. They’d just released the iPad, and needed to fill their retail stores with animated images of the product’s unique features. I signed on to animate 2D elements and type in After Effects and Cinema 4D.
• Motion designer
• 3D Designer
• Animator
The Glossary was a graphic of an animated dictionary, that would swing in from off screen and stop at a particular definition. By using a compelling animated transition, and depicting glossary terms as part of an endless “tower” of information, we took what could have been mundane technical terms and made them a window into the sophisticated technology behind Apple products. The terms’ definitions were accompanied by animated illustrations, one of my favorite things to make. Explaining things visually is one of the best things you can do with animation.

Quick Tips were a collection of suggestions for customers to make the most of their tech: Apple’s devices always seem to have a feature or workflow that gets missed in keynotes and publicity, so we took advantage of users’ time in the store to help them find some of these gems.
BY 2012, Apple Stores were generating $4000 in sales per square foot. Our attract loops and animated signage helped elevate their retail experience, by complementing their products and service with brief, compelling glimpses into the deeper aspects of their story.
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