Sentry’s CEO, Milin Desai, had an idea: we should let our developers tell the world about Sentry the same way they share progress with the company internally. Launch Week was Milin’s initiative to Sentry updates and features in an engaging, transparent, and technical voice. The company produced and promoted two Launch Week events in November 2023 and March 2024, giving our product owners and developers a stage to tell their product stories.
We had very little time to prepare our first Launch week. Five teams produced 5 10-15 minute video presentations over the course of a month, preparing scripts, slide decks, and recorded software demos. We also needed to shoot in 3 locations: San Francisco, Toronto, and Vienna. This meant directing presenters and camera operators remotely, securing and shipping video equipment to all 3 offices, and receiving feedback from stakeholders from 3 different time zones.
• Producer
• Director
• Editor
• Motion designer

Once presenting teams completed their scripts, we shot their presentation on camera from beginning to end. Often we rewrote parts of the script during the shoot. Sentry’s creative team then provided graphic support in the form of slide decks, as well as screen recordings of feature demos.
Though our viewer numbers for launch week were low, we produced timely content that we repurposed with our existing customers, to reinforce their knowledge of Sentry and inform them of features they didn’t know about. We also cut many of the videos down into separate, shorter segments, for organic social media release. Most of all, we proved that Sentry’s engineers and product managers are the best people to tell Sentry’s story.
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